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Enjoy 3 days tour in Aswan and visit the famous attractions of the city, The High Dam one of the modern great projects in Egypt, Philae Temple which was dedicated to the goddess Isis, and the Unfinished Obelisk which is mostly belonged to Queen Hatshepsut in the 18th dynasty.

visit the two terrific rock-carved temples of King Ramses II and his consort Queen Nefertari, Those impressive temples with their unique style are considered to be the masterpieces of ancient Egypt.

Exploring Two of the most important complexes in Nubia. You will visit the Temple of Kalabsha, the largest freestanding temple in the region which was rescued from drowning after the High Dam`s establishment, and the Nubian Museum which houses monuments and artefacts from the long history of Nubian culture.

The Nubian Village. Enjoy a motorboat trip on the Nile and explore the Temple of Philae dedicated to the Goddess Isis and visit the Nubian village on Soheil Island and know about the traditional houses of the Nubians and explore their simple life and their customs and traditions.


  • Relax with comfortable Modern air-conditioned transportation
  • Temple of Philae, High Dam, Unfinished Obelisk
  • Famous Abu Simbel temples
  • Kalabsha temple, Nubian museum, Nubian village
  • Ancient legends that bring the sites back to live
  • Experience tailored to your preferences on a private tour
  • Qualified Egyptology Guide with real Egyptology Degree
  • Enjoy beautiful scenery with a wide desert view and see the market, colour, faces, beautiful buildings, different types of food and much more…


  • Pickup from your hotel and return
  • All the sights mentioned above as in the itinerary
  • All Transportation by modern air-conditioned vehicle
  • Egyptology Guide with multi-language
  • Bottled Mineral Water
  • Snacks
  • Taxes
  • Entrance Fees
  • Accommodation
  • Lunch
  • Tipping

Tour Plan

At 08:00 AM, your guide will pick you up from your hotel or Nile Cruise to enjoy a day tour and visit Aswan`s Highlights. Start your tour by a visit the the" High Dam" which is one of the most important achievements of the last century built in 1960 to protect Egypt from annual floods from the Nile. Then proceed to visit Aswan`s Granite Quarries as Aswan considered as the main granite supplier for all Egypt, You will visit there the famous" Unfinished Obelisk" which is most probably belonged to Queen Hatshepsut and you will learn about the techniques used by the ancient Egyptians to cut obelisks. Enjoy a short motorboat ride to visit the Majestic" Temple of Philae" which dedicated to the ancient Egyptian goddess Isis, Philae was originally located near the First Cataract of the Nile in Upper Egypt and these areas have been variously flooded since the initial construction of the Aswan Low Dam in 1902. The temple complex was later dismantled and relocated to nearby Agilkia Island as part of the UNESCO Nubia Campaign project After you finish this amazing tour, You will be transferred back to your hotel.
At 5:00 am your guide will pick you up from your hotel to start your trip guide to Abu Simbel and visit the most famous temples of King Ramses II and his wife Queen Nefertari. After the trip, you will be transferred back to your hotel in Aswan around 01.00 PM
Your Guide will pick you up from your hotel in Aswan at 08:00 AM to enjoy a trip to the "Temple of Kalabsha" which has been dismantled and re-erected on a hill near the High-Dam site (Western Bank). Then move to the" Nubian Museum" which was opened in 1997. This museum displays thousands of antiquities that would have been lost under the waters of Lake Nasser, You will enjoy scenes of Nubian life demonstrated with a range of life-size displays. Continue your trip, Sail by a motorboat towards the Nubian Village which is located on the west bank of the Nile River of Aswan, You will go on an unforgettable cultural tour around the traditional houses of the Nubians and explore their simple life, Know their customs and traditions. The Nubians are very friendly people. After the tour, you will be transferred back to your hotel in Aswan.

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